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This was such a cute game. I love the design & choice of colors. Here's my let's play:

The game is beautiful! I really enjoyed the background's colors with dark silhouettes. It fits the story and create a perfect ambiance. I think it's worth developing more, I was sad it was so short ;) Keep the good work! (and I love the ending!)

The owl noise are way too manny it made hard to play. Other that a decent short game. 

Мне очень понравился нарисованный задний план , очень атмосферно

Обзор на RUS тут 

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the game was short but enjoyable. you had a good story and simple mechanics. i don't know if this is your first game but keep it up. also in one level there is a jump that is too far lol had to take a hit

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Cool video, thanks!

hello im new to this so can you help please


I am not paying for a .Rar extractor just to play this game. Sorry. Maybe add a .Zip option?

Oh, I'll add later


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

Captures the soul. Where to throw money?

This game is so great had alot of fun playing it so well done i hope you enjoy my gameplay

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Oh, that's cool, thanks